Take a Look at the New “My Sips”

Since I started this blog last summer I’ve been adding to the “My Sips” pages regularly.  My Sips are just that, wines I’ve had that I want to share with you.  I chose them based on the particular post, whether it’s about a wine region, a grape type or some good wine geek information!  And, after all, it’s lots more fun to drink wine than it is to read about it, right?

The list has grown pretty quickly – and to make it a bit more user friendly I’ve reorganized the pages so that it’s easier to find what you may want to try.  There are a couple of different ways to get to them and once you’re there I hope you’ll find the organization by main wine variety helpful.  Each category is on the main navigation as well as under the My Sips tab.

Just to refresh – there are three categories of My Sips:

  • Everyday Sips.  These are wines that sell for less than $25.  I know we each have our “everyday” price point so you’ll find a mix of wines at different prices, with most under $15.  Here’s the link: Everyday Sips
  • Guest Sips.  These are wines to give or get. Going to a dinner at friends?  Check the list.  Need a bottle for a BYO? Check the list.  These are nice wines that you can share whatever the occasion.  You’ll find them priced from $25 and up – generally to about $50. Here’s the link: Guest Sips
  • Splurge Sips.  Special wines for special times, or just when you want to treat yourself or friends.  Full confession – I don’t drink these often either!  But you’ll find wines I have had and that I think are worth the “splurge” when you feel like it.  These wines are $50 plus. Here’s the link: Splurge Sips

I don’t rate wines and these are not “reviews.”  But I know I appreciate it when someone can point me to a new wine or even get me back to an old favorite.  And I am always happy to hear what you like too – so feel free to share.

I hope you enjoy the new My Sips!

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