About Ken

Who is this guy?

My name is Ken Ohr and I likIMG_5355e wine.  While that alone doesn’t mean you should read Sips, it’s how I got started writing about it.  In fact, I like wine so much that I launched a company, created a national media brand and spent close to ten years immersed in wine and all that surrounds it.  But I don’t collect wine and I don’t sell it.  I’m like most of you – fascinated by the never ending variety, the opportunity for continuos discovery and the way that wine brings us together.

The Wine Experience was the only national radio show about wine, running on stations around the country for over ten years and WineExperience.com was a unique, fully independent website aboimage004ut wine as an everyday, fun, “unsnooty” part of life.  Life and the times can change so I have been away from any writing for about five years, but not away from wine as an everyday part of who I am.

So I decided it’s time to get back at it with “Sips of The Wine Experience.”  Through this blog I’ll share some thoughts on wine styles, varieties, tasting, buying, travel and enjoying that are personal and, hopefully, reasonably entertaining.

And you are welcome to journey along.  Let’s Pop the Cork!
Kenneth Ohr, CSW
Certified Specialist of Wine

What’s a CSW?  The Certified Specialist of Wine is a professional credential offered by the Society of Wine Educators to verify an individual’s wine knowledge.  To learn more about the Society of Wine Educators please visit their website

4 thoughts on “About Ken

  1. Well done, Ken…welcome back! I am pleased to see that you decided to really ‘do it’ after musing about starting this blog after your ‘hiatus’ form the Wine Experience. By far and away, what makes this new blog interesting (and necessary for me in coming months) is the “Your Sips” section. Many of us who LOVE wine, are totally mystified by the overwhelming choices one finds after entering a wine store. Speaking for myself, I do one of two things every single time I enter: I either buy the same tried tested and found true wine OR I ask the owner to turn me on to something new. You have given us a number of choices in three different price ranges AND you give us good teachable information. Thank you!
    PS How often can we expect to get new Sips emails, Ken?


    1. kensipswine

      Glad you like it! Not sure how frequently… Minimum once a week I think. Let me know if there are specific things that interest you.


  2. Janice

    So glad I stumbled upon this! I too enjoy wine and expanding my knowledge. You have done an excellent job providing a multitude of options in various price ranges. I look forward to reading and learning more…and sipping more of course!


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