My Sips

What Are “My Sips” All About?

Hopefully part of the entertainment of Sips will become discovering some new wines. I’ll regularly be offering up some wines to try that I am calling “My Sips.” They are just that – wines I’ve tasted and like. Nothing more. I am not trying to tell you to like them or to buy them, nor will there be any ratings or comparisons with one wine being somehow better than another. These wines are simply ones that I have enjoyed Every Day, or when Guests are over or when it’s fun to Splurge. And I’ll give you the price that I found them at retail, online or directly from a winery.

In that Every Day category my goal is to keep the wines less than $25, with most of them around or under $15. When I have a Guest Sip I move it up a notch, though of course that really depends on the occasion… and your friends… so expect to see wines in the $25 to $50 range.  And then when it’s time to Splurge sometimes you just have to go for it so these will be pricier.

By the way, expect to see lots of different Sips over time… just because I may identify a particular Every Day doesn’t mean it’s the only one, rather it’s one choice out of many and the beauty of wine is the amazing variety of those choices.

There are a lot of ways to buy wine and different laws state to state can make it complicated and sometimes frustrating depending on where you live. I have the opportunity to find lots of choices at many different kinds of retailers. But I also seek out wine and buy online from retailers in other states and from wineries directly. There are some really good online resources to use, starting with Wine-searcher is an aggregator… plug in the name of a wine and you’ll get multiple results from around the country from big retailers to smaller specialty wine shops along with prices and direct links to buy. I have also bought online from different well known merchants like Zachy’s, K&L, Binny’s, BevMo and Morrell. All the links are below. Then there are the auctions. Hart Davis Hart is a premier wine auction house and is another way to locate something special, case lots, collectables, etc.

The fact is it has never been easier to find the wine you want… And if all else fails then just head directly to the winery site. So I hope you enjoy my own “Sips” from time to time as much as I enjoy the continuing fun of discovering new wines and sharing them with friends – both in-person and as virtual sipping buddies!

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